Protect your home against earthquakes.

Istanbul, San Francisco and 18 other big cities are expecting large earthquakes in the upcoming years. These cities are home to more than 120 million people.

If you are living in one of them, Quakeguard can help you to stay informed, and take the right precautions on time.

Get notified about seismic anomalies in your area.

View comparisons of daily seismic activity against historical data in your area.

Receive instant notifications when anthing varies from usual numbers.

Check the ground quality of your location.

Find out the risk zone of your location and associated ground quality.

Or search for a specific location such as your kid's school or your workplace and view the associated information.

Wake up immediately, when an earthquake is starting.

Most people get injured, when earthquakes happen at night time and get caught asleep.

Quakeguard's smart sensors identify the shakings at the very beginning and trigger a very strong alarm sound.

Learn about safety measurements using our interactive guide.

What should you do during an earthquake? Is hiding under a table safe? Or should you drop, cover and hold?

Learn the correct safety measurements from Quakeguard's experts.

Find the official post-disaster gathering areas in your region.

Official gathering areas are crucial to find each other, when the communication infrastructure is unavailable. It is also the closest option to get emergency medical care or support for other urgent needs.

Do you know these pre-defined locations for your neighborhood?

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